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Almeco is a group of companies uniting manufacture, realization and promotion of vodka, liqueurs and spirits

Policy of Almeco

Almeco oriented at constant business conduct improvement with the purpose to increase the quality of products being manufactured.

Starting from the moment of “LUX” LVP foundation in 1997, we have always been striving for leadership in the alcohol production field.

Main stages of the company development

1997 Foundation of
“Lux” Plant
2013 Сreation of Almeco GC
2014 Сonclusion of the first federal contracts
2015 Сomplete production modernization
2019 Supplier of the largest federal networks

Key strategies of

Almeco Group

Federal market

Starting from 2013, the basic development strategy of "Almeco" Group of Companies was the transfer from the regional market to the federal market: withdrawal of its own trademarks, enhancement of the sales geography, and participation in large trading networks.

Strong foundation

The history of development and establishment of the company as a powerful player is full of unique facts and significant events. Certainly, the achieved success is the result of work of a close-knit team of professionals.

Perfect team

Our philosophy is based on consumer orientation, innovation and leadership. Due to the fundamental alignment of the company values, we are always moving forward.

Crystal clear water

Basis of “Almeco” products

Water has a tremendous effect on the product taste qualities, so the plant specialists are constantly improving its organoleptic properties. The "LUX" LVP has a multi-stage water purification system consisting of the softening filters unit, and the reverse osmosis membrane unit.


  • Only ‘Lux’

    We use thoroughly selected grain alcohol only of ‘Lux’ class. Natural clear water in combination with the special wheat alcohol makes the taste of our vodka true and harmonic.

  • Strict foundation

    The "LUX" LVP products are matchless under numerous parameters. Their uniqueness is provided by the use of natural ingredients and blending in small batches.

  • Perfect team

    The cascade of the finest filtering procedures provides clearness and crystal shine of our products.

Almeco is the guaranty of our products high quality



Serious approach to business

The basis of high-quality drinks produced by our plant is the serious approach to detail.

Precise development process

We carefully keep and develop historical recipes and technologies. All developments are carried out jointly with the All-Russian Research Institute of Food Biotechnology.

Constant leadership

The company brands become regular participants of international influential exhibitions and ratings carried out annually by authoritative research centers that are proven by gold, silver and bronze medals.


Company's news

Almeco GC website launch

We have launched the new web site! Time goes forward, the online sphere is developing at ultrasonic speed.

Russian Steel Real TM new design

Russian Steel is vodka for real patriots of their Motherland.

The new ‘Chutok’!

We are happy to inform you that our product range has been supplemented with a new kind of ‘Chutok’